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About Us

More than 15 years ago, Jenny Jones, created his Educational Group, as a way to share his passion of teaching. From his success as a Stockbroker and Investment Advisor for one of America’s largest financial firm, and now as the founder of his own Private Investment Group, Jenny Jones has built a lifetime of influence around one compelling dream: helping people achieve financial success through education.

Nearly a decade spent in the corporate world gave Jenny a taste of the disciplines required to create financial reward. His subsequent years advising scores of high wealth clients, businesses, and non-profits in high-performing wealth strategies showed him how individuals who possess the right knowledge inevitably make better decisions with their investments. He came to see that the dominant factor in achieving financial dreams was not just hard work, but possessing solid strategies that “put money to work”. Jenny also began to see that one sector of our society was consistently “left out of the loop” of this crucial knowledge: the young people.

Seeking to lessen this problem, Jenny began offering his time to teach classes on financial literacy and investment strategy in his community, hoping to give back to others and help people get a chance at something he saw quickly fading away: the American Dream. The response was extraordinary. His signature instructional method, MtE (Motivation through Education) brought inspiration and possibility into the financial lives of hundreds of everyday people, from ages 7 to 70.  After conducting scores of workshops and seminars before a wide array of audiences, Jenny’s passion for helping educate all ages grew into a calling. Driven to bring focus and vision to this effort to educate others, he eventually founded “The Jenny Jones Educational Group.”


Key Speaking Engagements


  • AT&T
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Lincoln Unified School District- Stockton CA
  • Progressive Community Church-Stockton CA
  • Humprey’s College- Stockton CA
  • Rocklin Independent Charter Academy- Rocklin CA
  • Jack and Jill of America, Inc.
  • Kit Carson Middle School- Sacramento CA
  • Lodi “Break Through Project”