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Retirement Mistake...

I remember sitting down with Alma like it was yesterday. We went through all of her 401k statements and the additional money she had saved for retirement. I went back to my office and begun to input the numbers into my retirement planning software.[...]
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The top 3 things y...

I remember when I first got into the financial planning and insurance business nearly 2 decades ago. As I set through countless hours of continuing education, one thing became very clear to me.[...]
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Try It On and Let ...

Being married for 20 years has been the best thing that has happened to me. It has given me stability in my spending habits for one. As a young person in the military credit was a plenty...[...]
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I Had No Idea That...

It was a Thursday, I remember it like it was yesterday. Both my oldest son and I were returning from the grocery store. It was the seven words that changed his life and sparked the birth of the 4.0 Finances Teen Financial Bootcamp...[...]
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