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4.0 Finances Course Syllabus

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This course is the core financial program within the teen finance series. The concentrated emphasis for this program is to give a teenager the solid understanding of basic finance fundamentals. This course includes Saving, Investing, Donating and Budgeting. It also includes understanding the general basics of a company 401k program, how to write a check, setting up a budget, and paying taxes.

Expectations and Goals

Upon completion of this four (4) hour course, your teenager would be able to identify all areas of a basic personal and employment check. Understand the importance of establishing a savings account. The fundamental basics of an employee retirement plan, with easy to follow “suitcase” teaching method®; your teen would also learn the power of giving by donating and or volunteering their time.

Course Materials

Required Materials

  • Note book (preferably a composition book), pencil and pen.

Optional Materials

  • None

Required Text

  • Will be provided

Course Schedule

Class Number Title Description Hours
NG112 Monthly Budget Fundamentals of setting up a budget 1.00
NG113 Teen Taxes Understanding taxes .5
4F001 MyFirst Savings Saving for a rainy day .5
4F002 Check Writing/Discovery Why checks are still around .5
4F003 Giving/Donating Why giving is full circle .5
4F004 MyFirst 401k Earn today live tomorrow 1.00

Class Schedule

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