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Under New Management- A Genesis 3 Stewardship Program

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General Information


This course is the advance comprehensive level program within the Adult Stewardship series. Participants are given a solid understanding of Saving, Giving, Living, Budgeting, and Investing. This course includes the importance of designing the perfect monthly budget, life insurance, retirement planning, credit management, debt reduction, short and long-term savings.

Expectations and Goals

Upon completion of this eight (8) hour course, the student would be able to learn all intermediate to advance financial concepts of being a good steward over their household resources.

Course Materials

Required Materials

  • Note book (preferably a composition book), pencil and pen.
  • A break out of all monthly obligations
  • Spouse (if applicable)
  • Bag Lunch

Optional Materials

  • None

Required Text

  • Will be provided

Course Schedule

Class Number Title Description Hours
UN112 Budgeting 1.50
UN113 Giving 1.00
UN114 Saving 1.00
UN115 Retirement Planning 1.50
UN116 Living 1.50
UN117 Investing 1.50

Class Schedule

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