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Testimonials | Jenny Jones

"Students from all over the United States were able to attend your workshop. They shared that you are a visual teacher; you were very personable and fun to have a workshop with and that you are knowledgeable and refreshing"……. Ellen Sevall, Vice President, NEW PATHS
-Ms. Ellen Sevall
"He is passionate about the subject of finance, and he is adept at putting complex financial information into everyday language that everyone can understand. The evaluations from his class have always been very good to excellent"….. Claudia Mackey, Coordinator Workshops & Programs for Adults, Delta College
-Ms. Claudia Mackey
"Jenny has always displayed a keen ability to think clearly about financial matters and has the added benefit of being able to do so with the insight and advantage of one with years of experience in the field. He has taught finance workshops at our church in the past and currently serves as a financial stewardship instructor in the New Membership Department"..... Mr. Rodney Scott, Pastor of New Membership & Discipleship
-Mr. Rodney Scott
"Your presentation titled “Turning Short-Term Money into Long-Term Money” provided valuable information and the training sharpened the financial skills and resource investment knowledge of the contractors in attendance"…. Barbarette Newton, President Redwood Resources
-Ms. Barbarette Newton
"Mr. Jones is one of the most animated teachers I have ever had the experience of being taught by, and I really enjoyed his class".... Debbie W… Heald Student
- Ms. Debbie W.